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Let your light shine by joining us in song during Sunday Worship Services. Harry Vayo & the UU Singers provide soothing harmonies while special visits from talented artists provide musical diversity for people of all ages.

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The Universalist Unitarian Church of Waterville is a welcoming, inclusive community.  Empowered by our Unitarian Universalist traditions, and our congregation’s rich history, we are committed to building a caring and just world.  


With over ten active committees, there are many opportunities to connect with kindred spirits.  From Tuesday's Fellowship Group to Friday's Women's Group, there is something happening here for everyone.  


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Upcoming Sunday Services, 10 am

(Coffee Hour at 11 am)


March 24

"The Anthropomorphic God" by Anna Beth Rynders


Anna Beth will describe her spiritual journey, which has taken some radical twists and turns in the past few years. She has experienced an exciting time of being exposed to new ideas, new concepts, and encouragement to think “outside the box” of Christian tradition. She will be addressing the common conception of the father/male God and why she decided to experiment with designing an alternative.


March 31

"The Spectrum of Desire" by Jan Fichuk


This second offering from Faith Rocket, based on a sermon by Jason Seymour, will look at the following:  What is desire? Are all desires the same? Are some more basic – more natural – than others? Does it matter?


April 7

"God's Vision: Rejoice in It" by Rev. Alice Anderman


Each of us bring different gifts for ministry. All of us, as part of God’s crazy quilt, are stitched together with love and are treasured by God. We are many people, from many walks of life, yet one in God’s Spirit.


April 14

"Us for Them" by Linda Woods


Linda will explore the “Story of Separation” as the root of many of today’s problems. We see ourselves as a “separate self" in a world of other; more for you is less for me. Instead, we need what the Dalai Lama has called a sense of universal responsibility rooted in love and kindness for our human brothers and sisters, whether they are fauna or flora.


April 21

Easter Sunday with Rev. Nancee Campbell


April 28

Kate Braestrup, Maine Warden Service chaplain, author, and public speaker




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