69 Silver Street


(207) 873-4006

Universalist Unitarian Church of Waterville, Maine


Sunday Services Online at 10 am

during the pandemic  


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Are You a UU, too?

  • If you have always felt there's more to life than just living day to day, you could be a "UU."
  • If you have an inner, restless longing for an elusive spiritual connection, you could be a "UU."
  • If you are uncomfortable at falling to your knees, begging forgiveness for imaginary sins, you could be a "UU."
  • If you are left empty at a heavy somber service with repeated ritual, you could be a "UU."
  • If you truly enjoy meeting and knowing people from all walks of life, you could be a "UU."
  • If you find inner strength in acceptance and love of others with different life styles, you could be a "UU."
  • If you can allow yourself to share your joys and heartaches, you could be a "UU."
  • If your heart sings with a handshake or hug from others on their own journeys, you could be a "UU."


My name is Jerry Saint Amand.  I am now, and will always be, a "UU."  (Waterville member since 1991)