Universalist Unitarian Church of Waterville

69 Silver Street, PO Box 435

Waterville, Maine  04903

Sunday Service 10:00 a.m.

(9:30 a.m. in July and August)

Childcare is provided

(207) 873-4006

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Thank you for supporting us!


Thank you for supporting us!

Thank you for supporting us!

Thank you for supporting us!



Stewardship involves building an atmosphere within our church community where speaking and working to improve the financial health of the church is a comfortable and even enjoyable aspect of church membership.


The major responsibility of the Committee is to manage the Annual Stewardship campaign which is the financial foundation of the church. The committee  provides key information to the congregation about church finances and how the budget will be applied to the work of the church and its Mission. 


Specifically, the Committee begins its work for the yearly campaign in the fall. The co-chairs look to the NNED and other UU churches for inspiration and specific ideas about Stewardship. The committee meets to decide how this year’s campaign will be approached and executed. It then prepares and distributes the written materials that inform and educate the congregation about church finances and that allow congregants to communicate their committment for the coming fiscal year. 


Upon the completion of the formal Stewardship campaign, individuals who did not respond with a Stewardship Commitment are contacted.


The results of the campaign are communicated to the congregation, the Officers and Board of Trustees, and the Bookkeeper.





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