Universalist Unitarian Church of Waterville

69 Silver Street, PO Box 435

Waterville, Maine  04903

Sunday Service 10:00 a.m.

(9:30 a.m. in July and August)

Childcare is provided

(207) 873-4006

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Thank you for supporting us!


Thank you for supporting us!

Thank you for supporting us!

Thank you for supporting us!



The Communications Committee promotes and publicizes the church’s events and activities, both internally and externally. Collectively and individually, team members spread the word about events and activities within our church in as many ways as possible and on a timely basis.


Each member is responsible for specific media, including:


In-house media: the Sunday order of service insert, mid-week email update, emails with important news (fondly called the E-Blast), and the monthly newsletter.


Local media: area newspapers, radio/television,and  poster placement in area businesses, nonprofits and churches.


Social media: Facebook and the church website.


The Point:

The Point is a newsletter to share information among church members, promote the benefits of membership to our visitors, and serve as a historical record for our church.  It is sent via email to church members and friends. Hard copies are available for those who do not use the internet.


The Point contains monthly messages from the board president and others, lists information about Sunday Services, Religious Exploration, and childcare. It maintains a current listing of committee members, trustees, and officers, includes a full-page calendar of events for the coming month, church members’ special events and achievements, and district and denominational news. Pictures of recent events in the life of the church are included whenever possible and, for those who wish, birthday announcements are posted.




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